Take your holiday in England, cruising the Leeds Liverpool canal, enjoying all the amazing countryside and drifting peacefully across the water – what better way to spend your family holiday than on a canal boat with Silsden Boats?


 We are one of the few remaining Hire Companies that offer


Who wants to return from their holiday and be presented with a fuel bill !

With our holidays there is no chance of that.

Original commissioned by Bradford merchants wanted to increase the supply of limestone to make lime for mortar and agriculture using coal from Bradford’s collieries and to transport textiles to the Port of Liverpool; The Leeds Liverpool canal is recognised as one of the most beautiful in all of England. It is the longest and amazingly the least congested of all the UKs waterways and consists of a distance of 127 miles (204 km), it crosses the Pennines, and includes 91 locks on the main line.

UK Holidays remove the worries of international airport travel, currency and language, leaving you time and space to relax and enjoy your UK holidays.

There are many beautiful historical sites along the route, such as:
* Sir Titus Salt’s Mills at Saltaire and the David Hockney exhibition.
* The Bingley ’5-rise’ locks.
* The East Marton Double Bridge.
* Skipton – Historic market town and ‘Gateway to the Dales’.
* Gargrave village.
* Foulridge Tunnel (a mile long!).

The Haworth Parsonage (The museum of the Brontë sisters, owned and maintained by the Brontë Society) and East Riddlesden Hall (A stunning 17th century hall set in award winning gardens) are all within easy reach of the canal as are many other amazing sites.


Canal boat, or ‘narrowboat’, boating holidays will showcase Yorkshire holidays at their best, peaceful, relaxing and above all beautiful.

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